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Why Weather Conditions Affect Garage Doors

Why Weather Conditions Affect Garage Doors
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It's more likely that garage owners are not surprised by the fact that springs break. Many of you may already have tasted this awful experience. On the other hand, if you think about it all garage door parts might break. Why do we bother to talk mostly about springs? The truth is simple. 

  • Garage door springs break much easier than other parts
  • Lack of maintenance will certainly lead to their snapping with mathematical precision
  • They might break even due to a very hard wind
  • The repercussions of their snapping might be tragic
  • Their lifespan is much shorter than other parts

Why Weather Conditions Affect Garage DoorsSimply put if springs break, the overhead door will fall. If it's closed, it won't open. If they fly and someone stands by, this someone might end up in the hospital. These are the main reasons why we care to talk about breaking springs and how we can avoid it.

Take measures to avoid dealing with snapping springs

Springs break if they are hardly maintained, not replaced on time or the wrong ones are chosen. You must also keep in mind that the majority of springs are produced to last for about ten thousand cycles. So, their frequency will depend on how active your family is. If you open and close the garage door once or twice a day, they will last for many years. If your family comes and goes all day long, they will last a shorter period of time. So, it's good to test them often by lifting the door manually and after having disconnected the garage door opener. The door ought to stay still. If it moves down, it means that springs need replacement.

Springs break because they have too much tension stored in between coils.

They extend and contract with amazing power. If the coils are rusty due to lack of lubrication maintenance, they might break and their tension will be abruptly released. Don't forget that springs are put under a lot of stress multiple times daily. They need good treatment or they will erode, and erosion facilitates breaking. So, take the measures needed beforehand.

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