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Most of today’s garage door openers have a life span of up to 20 or 25 years when properly maintained. For tips and interesting answers to many questions that may extend the life of your door, scroll down below and visit our FAQ page.

How do I choose components?

Choosing garage door parts is not difficult if you haven't changed the door and you still need components of the same size and quality as the existing ones. In this case, you just have to measure the existing ones before ordering them. In any case, you should remember that components are chosen based on the weight of the door.

How can I adjust sensors?

Adjusting sensors is not hard at all. Since they're installed in the lowest part of the door, they can be easily moved. The whole idea is to bring them back in their initial position. When they're misaligned, the green light is usually off. When the light comes on, it's evidence that the beams see each other.

What are the advantages of installing an aluminum door?

Aluminum doors are light-weight garage doors, which mean there is less pressure on the garage door opener. This translates to lower maintenance fees because the opener will likely last longer and require less repairs. This type of door is also recyclable.

What's the difference between the different types of garage door drives?

A chain drive uses a chain connected directly to the door; a belt drive uses a belt mechanism; a screw drive will use a corkscrew rod, and a direct drive will be directly attached to the torsion bar. Belt drive garage door openers usually are quieter than chain drive openers, while screw drives tend to require less adjustment over time. Direct drives are the most compact and take up less space in your garage than the other types.

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