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Garage Door Repair
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At Garage door repair Doral we know how important it is to have someone you can call when you need repair.  For that reason we offer emergency repair services so that the residents of our community can get help day or night.  Our company in Doral has highly trained techs who will fix that door off track or replace section of garage door.  They will do it right the first time in a safe and secure manner.  Our techs can also repair that broken emergency release or repair or replace the weather strip and bottom rubber for winter preparedness.  They have not come up with a garage door repair our techs cannot solve.  We will remind you often that it is always best to have a qualified professional like ours at the Doral Garage Door Service complete these tasks for you.

We offer a great broken spring repair or replacement service at our door service in Doral

Garage Door RepairWe stock our trucks with the Torsion spring, Extension spring, and galvanized door springs.  Galvanized springs are bonded to 3600 psi through a metallic process involving iron and zinc.  These springs should last a lifetime. Torsion springs are mounted at the center of the door and the extension springs at the far side of each door.  This is because tension springs are used for heavier doors and extension for lighter ones. Garage door springs are very dangerous to work with and should only be handled by a professional.  Our techs are standing by to assist you.

The garage door opener sure has made a difference in the life of a door owner. Although the automatic opener has been around for some time the new models are always updating technology. Our techs can repair your older model or install a brand new one.  You could choose from these brand names and more:

  •     Sears opener in Doral
  •     Craftsman opener in Doral
  •     Marantec opener in Doral
  •     Chamberlain opener in Doral
  •     Liftmaster opener in Doral
  •     Genie opener in Doral

When you choose one you will have to determine what drive motor you want it to have. If you want it to run quietly you will need a belt drive.  If you don’t care about the noise; the chain drive will suffice.  Do have something in between you can get the screw drive. Our opener troubleshooting will assist you in finding out the status of your own door opener.  It is best to have one of our professionals repair or install your opener.

One of our most respected services is maintenance & adjustments.  Our contractor in Doral is dedicated to providing regularly scheduled lubrication services that will prolong the life of your door operation.

Our garage door company/contractor in Doral is proud of our door remote services.  We use brand name products like:

  •     Genie Intellicode – the rolling code technology adds safety and security
  •     Clicker – the universal remote is compatible with numerous opener brands
  •     Multi Code – you can operate both of your garage door frequencies at once
  •     Liftmaster Security Plus – your code changes every time you use it with rolling code technology

We offer only the most dependable and reliable garage door remotes for our customers and you will get the most out of them if you let one of our professionals repair or install them.

Today our homes are all about sustaining respectable curb appeal.  One of the ways we can do this is by replacing that outdated garage door or garage door windows.  The right design or style could give your garage an entirely different look.  We can install a wood garage door, steel garage door, aluminum garage door or even a glass garage door.  We have many to choose from and our techs will install them fast and efficient. A professional tech should always install a garage door for safety and accuracy.

If a cable snapped or you are in need of us to repair bent track; then chances are your door is not working.  Even a cable loose can present problems with the garage door operation.  If the cable came off you need us to come out and put it back on the drum properly.  When you have broken cable we can replace it easily. 

All you have to do is contact our garage door company/contractor in Doral and we will send one of our seasoned professionals out to assist you.

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