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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Amazing new garage door installed

My old garage door was 20 years old and I knew it was time to get a new one. I always envied my neighbor who has the most advanced garage door. I saved money for a long time and when I called garage door repair Doral, I told them about my need for a new door. They were so professional and showed me different types of doors and their uses. They checked my house and gave ideas on which type would fit well and look perfect for my home. The installation was done expertly and I can say that my door is now the envy of the neighborhood!

Guaranteed the best in garage door repair

I never thought my old garage door would stop functioning smoothly. It was my fault that the door broke down suddenly because I did not maintain it well. I did not check to see why it was noisy while moving up and down. It just suddenly crashed one day and luckily no one was hurt. It was scary and I decided to replace it. Garage door repair Doral experts helped get to the root of the problem and just repaired and replaced some parts so I could save money. They did everything and it is now working perfectly.

Five Out of Five Stars

I decided that it was time for garage door maintenance as I saw some rust spots at the bottom part. After hearing good words about Garage Door Repair Company in Doral I called and hired them to do the job. Aside from taking care of the rust spots, they checked on the overall condition of the garage door. They spotted a cable that was about to break and replaced it immediately. They also applied lubricants on different parts, which made it work more smoothly. The guys who did the job also gave me useful tips on how to prevent future damages ensuring the garage door lasts for a long time. Five out of five stars is well deserved.

Great garage door roller specialists

One thing that really impressed me when the technicians of Garage Door Repair Doral came at my home to replace the garage door rollers was their speed. They were two technicians and were a great working team. They informed me that rollers might seem easy to replace but they need attention or the door might fall. They gave extra attention to the bottom garage door bracket and told me to never attempt handling it. Not only did they do a wonderful job but they gave me many tips to inform me on how to avoid injuries. They were amazing!

Highly recommended

"I spoke to the technician with this company on a Thursday night and their expert came out early Friday morning. I had given them a description of the problem I was having and was told that it was probably a broken spring. Turns out they knew exactly what they were talking about! They replaced both springs in less than an hour and it was a very seamless experience. Both my husband and I were very pleased with the work done and the price they charged. I highly recommend this company and their personnel for any sort of garage door repairs."

Nicole Henderson


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